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SPCA NZ appalled at dog's treatment on movie set


This disturbing footage was just leaked from the set of an upcoming Hollywood movie, A Dog's Purpose.

It has horrified us all. The footage shows a German Shepherd being forced into turbulent water during the making of the film. Any animal lover watching this footage can see the dog is absolutely terrified.

Forcing an animal into this situation is absolutely appalling. Animals aren't movie props and should never be treated as such. In this instance, the water is aerated and not as buoyant as normal water. The film crew is incredibly lucky the dog didn't drown.

Here in New Zealand, the SPCA would like to see a Code of Welfare implemented for all animals in the film production industry to ensure they are treated humanely. No animal should ever suffer for ‘entertainment’ and this footage has proved to us that our Government needs to do more to ensure they are being cared for in the way they deserve.

Our policy in relation to the use of animals in film and television is:

SPCA NZ is opposed to the use, confinement or performance of wild or exotic animals for commercial gain and/or human entertainment. The use of domesticated animals for filming is only acceptable if the activity required is not contrary to the animals’ nature, does not cause or permit their suffering or otherwise adversely affect their welfare.

The Society believes that, wherever animals are used in the making of films, advertisements or television programmes, or in the theatre, they must not be caused any suffering nor be portrayed in a manner demeaning to their species. Our organisation does not believe that any animal should be used for live entertainment, whereby its needs are unlikely to be able to be put before those of the production and the audience, and the circumstances of its captivity and the presence of an audience are likely to cause distress or harm.

The Society welcomes the increasing technological advances which make redundant the requirement to use most animals in the creation of film and television productions. Due to the capabilities of computer generation and motion capture, SPCA NZ would question many situations in which it is claimed that live animals need to be used in media productions. The welfare of any animal, especially wild and exotic species, should never be compromised for the sake of entertainment.