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Henergy Cage-Free Eggs



We are proud to introduce Henergy Cage-Free Eggs. Henergy was one of the first producers to gain SPCA Blue Tick accreditation and they continue to pass our stringent accreditation audits with flying colours, year after year. For more information on Henergy, visit their website,

We had a quick chat with Henergy to find out a bit more about who they are and why their eggs are oh-so-good. Read on!




1. How did the Henergy story begin?


Henergy was established in 1995 by former sheep farmer, Graeme Napier, who is still hands-on in the business today, over 15 years later.

Determined that Henergy would be a beacon for cruelty-free farming, Graeme searched long and hard for a cage-free solution to egg farming that provided the very best environment and conditions for its hens.

That solution included designing several spacious purpose-built barns where hens were free to wander around and lay their eggs in privacy and comfort while being 100% protected against disease and predators.

Over the years Henergy has continued to grow and prosper. Today the company is New Zealand's biggest cage free barn egg producer boasting 14 barns, each home to approximately 6,000 hens. Each barn is equipped with carefully controlled lighting, air-conditioning and is completely weatherproof and pest resistent.

Henergy’s open-plan terraced layout gives the roaming chickens an environment of choices – they can socialise, dust bathe or forage down at floor level, rest and relax on the central terrace, or fly up to the top level of the barn where there are purpose-built private nesting boxes.

It stands to reason that the happier the hen the better their eggs so we pride ourselves on raising contented and well-cared for hens to produce consistent top quality eggs.



Image courtesy Henergy Cage-Free Eggs
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2. What made you decide to join the SPCA Blue Tick scheme?


As a staunch advocate of cruelty-free farming, Henergy wanted to partner with a like minded organisation and help eradicate traditional battery cages in New Zealand.

Through the ongoing education and promotion of schemes such as the SPCA Blue Tick we can one day hope to follow the example of Europe and California and ban traditional battery-cage farming once and for all.

Unfortunately, there is still some work to be done as battery cages remain the mainstream egg farming production method in this country to date.

We are extremely proud that Henergy is one of only a handful of egg producers in the country to be SPCA approved and awarded their much coveted ‘tick’ – a third party, independent guarantee that Henergy eggs come from a highly ethical and cruelty-free egg farm.

By joining the SPCA Blue Tick scheme, Henergy makes a stand against cruel farming methods and promotes a better life for New Zealand’s egg laying hens.




3. What made you decide to produce barn eggs instead of free range eggs?


We are supporters of all cage-free farming methods, including free range. However, we genuinely believe barn farming is the best cage-free environment in which to keep hens and produce the highest quality eggs.

Our hens roam around in carefully monitored environments that are 100% safe. Unlike a free range farm, our hens live indoors, protected against pests, predators and disease. This allows us to maintain full control over our hens' diet, having eliminated any foraging amongst contaminated bugs, dirt or other matter that could compromise the quality of our eggs.

To consistently produce the best eggs, we adhere to a very controlled feeding programme based on a specially formulated, high nutrient diet designed to build stronger, healthier birds and optimise egg quality.




4. How many Henergy farms are there, and where are they? How many chickens does Henergy have?


Henergy has one expansive farm based in the heart of the Wairarapa and home to 85,000 hens. All our eggs are laid, collected, processed, packaged and distributed every morning from our farm.




5. How do you make sure all your eggs have such beautiful golden yolks?


Thick shells, creamy yolks and silky whites denote a healthy hen and good diet! That's why we have spared no cost in researching and specially formulating the perfect feed for our hens.

While we can't divulge our recipe we can say it's based on a 5 grain diet supplemented with protein, calcium and grit to ensure the ultimate health of both hen and egg.

Our feed is unique to Henergy and formulated by a registered nutritionist.


Image courtesy Henergy Cage-Free Eggs
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