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SPCA Canterbury

SPCA Canterbury offers an education program suitable for learners aged 2 to 92!

SPCA Canterbury's education program aims:

-  To develop attitudes of awareness and understanding of animals and their welfare.
-  To develop skills to enable students to interact with animals safely and happily.
-  To generate support of animals in the community and wider environment.

The full time SPCA Canterbury Education Officer is available to visit schools, community groups and other centres of learning, and to host groups visiting the Animal Centre in Hornby.

Presentations involve the work of the SPCA and animal welfare, and are tailored to include any unique interests the visiting group may have.

Humane Education is fundamental in preventing animal cruelty, and is designed to emphasise empathy, compassion and responsibility for living beings. When kind treatment of animals becomes a part of an individual’s personality, then those same qualities are seen in their relationships with fellow human beings.


For further information and bookings please contact:

Jasmine Mahalm
Phone: (03) 349 7057 ext 210
Fax: (03) 349 9820