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Help campaign for the lives of innocent dogs

Dodie donate pageIn September 2016 the Government announced a new national action plan for dogs in New Zealand. Part of this proposed law included a ban on animal shelters like the SPCA re-homing dogs based on their visual appearance.

This would have effectively condemned thousands of innocent dogs to death. So with your generous support, we started a petition that saw 60,000 New Zealanders fight for the lives of these dogs. 

Two months after this announcement, the Government released the second tranche of proposals of the national action plan for dogs in New Zealand. Part of these changes meant the SPCA was no longer be prohibited from re-homing dogs based on the visual assessment of breed.

Instead, dogs classified under the Dog Control Act 1999 as menacing can be rehomed to people with a ‘high-risk dog owner license’. This change will save the lives of thousands of dogs and is a real success for animals in New Zealand.

However there are still areas of concern in the national action plan that the SPCA believes still need to be addressed. 

There is still more work to be done - and we need your support.

Over the coming months the SPCA will continue to work with the Department of Internal Affairs and Minister Upston and will address areas of concern and areas for improvement with this proposal in the Select Committee process.

Please donate today and help us continue this campaign for the rights of innocent dogs. 

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Help campaign for the lives of innocent dogs

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