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Annual Appeal 2017

A few hours of your time could make a bucketload of difference to animals throughout Auckland.

The week of November 6th sees the return of the SPCA biggest fundraising event and we need YOUR help!

The Annual Street Appeal is a great way to raise awareness of the SPCA in your community and an opportunity to have fun with your friends and family while supporting a great cause.

This year the SPCA is hoping to raise over $350,000 nationwide to help care for New Zealand's unwanted and abused animals.  It's easy to register and you can volunteer for as little as two hours in an area that is convenient for you.

We would love to have you rattling a bucket inside a mall, outside a grocery store, or on a busy street corner, so why not sign-up now? You really would be making a bucketload of difference.


Each centre runs their own appeal, so CLICK HERE to find your local centre's website and find out how YOU can help make a difference.