What is the Blue Tick?

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The SPCA Blue Tick - a brand you can trust!

The SPCA Blue Tick is a certification programme run by the Royal New Zealand SPCA. We certify animal products that are farmed to our high welfare standards.

The scheme started by certifying eggs in 2001 and then added pork products in 2009. In 2011 we added standards for meat poultry chicken and in 2012 we added turkey standards. We have plans to add veal and salmon to our portfolio in 2013.

How Does it Work?

We write the standards, publish them on our website and then our independent auditors audit the farms on a regular basis. We can spot audit at any time. Producers sign a legal contract with us to use the SPCA Blue Tick logo on their packaging and agree to farm to these standards.

The Blue Tick logo offers consumers a guarantee that the product they are choosing has been farmed humanely and it also gives producers the recognition they deserve for farming the 'right' way.


Ask your local supermarket or butcher to stock SPCA Blue Tick
products and help improve the lives of New Zealand animals.

Current products under the Blue Tick scheme include eggs, pork, poultry and turkey.  The following brands are proud to display the Blue Tick.

Please visit our producers' websites by clicking on the logos below, to find out where to buy. If your local supermarket does not stock Blue Tick products, please take a few minutes to request them from a member of staff. The more people who ask, the more likely your supermarket will listen!

Blue Tick Approved Eggs:


Kirkfield Family Farm    ff10l-3d     henergy


Kirkfield Family Farm                               Freedom Farms                               Henergy Eggs   

the natural free range co logo  higgins logo

 WholesomeNZ                              WholesomeNZ


Blue Tick Approved Pork:

pork harmony    progressive

       Freedom Farms                        Harmony Foods (Free Range)                 Progressive Foods (Pork Only)



Blue Tick Approved Chicken:

     freerange 8385       waitoa         rangitikei

                 Van den Brinks                     Waitoa Free Range Chicken                  Rangitikei Chicken




Want further information about our Blue Tick Programme?

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