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SPCA New Zealand is concerned at the number of unwanted animals born each year.

Thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies are brought into our SPCA centres every month. They're found wandering the streets as strays or surrendered when owners don't want them.

Often by the time kittens or puppies are brought to us, it's too late to save them. They are simply too weak or sick to survive.

The life of stray animals can be brutal and short. Many are hit by cars, become very sick or are prone to abuse and starvation. And the cycle of breeding continues.

We must act now!

You may be surprised to learn that a female cat can start reproducing from the age of five months and have up to four litters of up to six kittens every year.

For every month that we are not de-sexing, animals continue to breed and the problem escalates. This puts huge pressure on our services.

New Zealand sadly has so many unwanted, neglected animals. Desexing and responsible ownership are the only way to address the cause of unwanted animals being abused and neglected.

It's more than just an SPCA problem – it's a community problem. By stopping unwanted births of kittens and puppies, we can prevent the SPCA from being the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’.