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Abandoned kitten finds new home


Transformation 2 LuigiThis tiny little kitten's story starts at the dump – he was alone, and scared, in a water-filled rubbish pit. At just two weeks old, he was far too young to be on his own.  How he came to be there we don't know, reads a post on the SPCA Tauranga Facebook page.

He might have been a stray who lost his mum, he might have been abandoned by someone who couldn't care for him. Whatever his past, he owes his future to an amazing man, Nigel, who works at the refuse centre. Nigel somehow spotted the tiny kitten in freezing cold water, desperately trying to stay afloat – he was alarmingly close to going under the wheel of a huge rubbish truck.

His rescuer ran toward him and scooped up the little bedraggled kitten. He then took him to his office and held him up under the heat pump. Once he was warmed up, Nigel tucked the kitten under his jacket and raced up the road to the SPCA so that we could take care of him. He had lots of cuddles from a teddy bear who acted as a surrogate mum and was bottle fed every few hours. It was touch and go for a while, but he pulled through. The team named him Liger. When he was big enough, Liger went to a foster family where he lived with two big dogs and a couple of cats, spending many happy hours snuggled up with the dogs.

One of his foster mum's friends fell head over heels for little Liger and decided to adopt him. He is now living a wonderful life in Wellington, under the new name of Luigi. Our days are sometimes tough but we love nothing more than finding a happy home for an animal in need.

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