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Help save abandoned animals this winter

Whoever dumped Skip that day didn't want him to be found. When Skip was just six weeks old, he was thrown away like an unwanted t-shirt, or a worn-out pair of pants.

He was dumped in a clothing bin, and left for dead. Can you imagine how terrifying that would have been for him?

All Skip had to keep him company were the damp and dusty clothes he was trapped in. We don't know how long he was in that bin for - but one day, a truck picked it up to transport it to another city.

Skip travelled a long and lonely way, tangled in towels and full of fear. When the truck finally stopped, Skip used every bit of strength left in his dehydrated body, to let out some anxious cries.

He was shivering from head to toe, his ribs were protruding out from underneath his itchy skin. Skip desperately needed the SPCA's help.

Skip was immediately rushed to the SPCA where he received the love and care he needed. But Skip's traumatic past left him unsure and anxious. Simple things like loud footsteps sent him running and hiding in fear.

Thankfully, today Skip is a happy, bounding, healthy six-month-old pup who spends his days with his family who protect and love him. But I wish I could tell you that Skip’s story is unusual.

The sad reality is that he’s just one of many animals who are so cruelly abandoned every year. They're crying out for your help.

When the temperature drops during these cold winter months, it can be life or death for an animal out on the streets. They can very quickly become dehydrated, pick up a deadly disease, or succumb to the harsh elements.

We desperately need your help to be there for these animals when they need us most.

The SPCA is almost entirely funded by generous people like you. As the days get colder will you help give warmth, love and safety to abandoned animals by making a generous donation.

Over winter, the bills at our SPCA centre pile up. It’s overwhelming.

It costs a lot to save lives, and there’s no sign of things slowing down. Just last week, another abandoned puppy was rescued by our SPCA Inspectors.  And just like Skip, she was hungry, cold, unwell and frightened.

This puppy is only four weeks old and should still be with her mum. But her heartless owner dumped her in a freezing, frosty park to fend for herself. She had nothing but a cardboard box to keep warm.

You’re a crucial part of our team. Without you, it simply wouldn't be possible. We desperately need your help to be there for these animals when they need us most.

Will you donate today and help save lives?

Thank you for spreading the warmth this winter.