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Plan your party

1. Set a date

SPCA Cupcake Day is on Monday 14th August but if you can't do that day then just pick a day that is more convenient for you.

2. Pick a venue

Where will you be selling your cupcakes? At work? At school? At home? At a community group? Make sure you have permission to run it before you start planning

3. Plan your day

How many people will you be inviting? How many cupcakes do you need to bake? Are you the only one baking? Your event will be a lot easier to organise if you know all of these things. Think outside the box to help you make even more money for the animals.

4. Tell everyone!

The more people who know about your event, the more cupcakes you will sell and the more money you'll make for the animals. Simple!

5. Set targets!

How much do you want to raise? We recommend asking for between $3 - $5 per cupcake. So if you're baking 50 cupcakes that will raise around $250 for animals in need. If you ask for donations from people who can't attend as well, it could be closer to $400.

6. Have fun!

Bake your cupcakes and enjoy your delicious party! It's a great opportunity for you to catch up with friends and family while raising vital funds for animals in need.

7. Share, share, share!

Don't forget to share your pictures with us on our Facebook page and use #SPCACupcakeDay when talking about it online.

8. Relax

Put your feet up and enjoy your cupcake with a well-deserved cup of tea. You've made a huge difference to the lives of animals across New Zealand.