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Fundraising tips

Get in touch

If you have any questions about running your event or how to raise more money then get in touch with our friendly fundraising team on (09) 256 7312 or

Set yourself a fundraising target:

How much do you want to raise for the animals? Be ambitious and tell your friends and family what you want to achieve. Update your supporters on how you are going and how much you still need to raise this will encourage them to be more generous with their donations.

Ask your employer to help out:

Ask your boss if they'll lend a hand. There are heaps of ways for businesses to get involved - collecting donations, donating a portion of their sales on the day, running 'Cupcake Day specials' or hosting a company-wide Cupcake Day event.

Host a cupcake day party:

Click here for our top tips on running a successful Cupcake Day party.
Use social media:

Make sure you post regularly on your social media pages so that people know about your event. Also, most importantly, remind them to have money with them on the day to make a donation for their tasty treats.
tell them how they're helping:

Tell your supporters exactly where their money is going and what a huge difference their donation will make.

Say "thank you!"

Don't forget to take the time to thank every single person who supports your Cupcake Day event. Without them you wouldn't be able to raise nearly as much money for the animals who need it the most.