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Which eggs to choose

Most cupcake recipes call for eggs but do you know which eggs are best to use? Chicken foraging

When you bake your delicious cupcakes for SPCA Cupcake Day, we invite you to use SPCA Blue Tick® high animal welfare approved eggs in your cupcakes.


Because SPCA Blue Tick® approved eggs have been farmed to our high welfare standards on SPCA Blue Tick® approved farms. Those farms are audited yearly with announced audits as well as un-announced (random) audits throughout the year by our independent auditors (Extensively trained to our standards) to ensure that our standards are maintained all year round.

SPCA Blue Tick® have both free range and also barn/cage-free eggs under its high animal welfare accreditation to make it affordable for everyone.

What’s the difference?

The SPCA Blue Tick® high animal welfare accreditation is the only animal welfare accreditation in New Zealand, independent from the food and farming industries, run by SPCA New Zealand.

Without an independent trusted third party certification, you consumers could be paying more for free range eggs than you should with no assurance of good animal welfare (Let alone high animal welfare) or that the product is living up to its packaging claims. Click here for more information about free range.

So remember, a ‘good’ SPCA Blue Tick® approved barn operation is better than a ‘poor’ free range operation that has limited access to the outdoors, no access to litter inside the sheds with birds able to forage and dust bath, poor ventilation system inside the sheds not preventing dust and overall not meeting the full behavioral needs of the birds based on the Five Freedoms and strict standards set out by our animal welfare experts.

Tell me more about the SPCA Blue Tick® approved eggs…

SPCA Blue Tick® eggs are easy shopping!  Just to look out for the SPCA Blue Tick® certification logo on the eggs cartons for your assurance of high animal welfare.

Click here to find out which free range eggs or barn/cage free eggs brands are SPCA Blue Tick® approved.

Buying SPCA Blue Tick® approved eggs shows yoursupport to the farmers’ hard work to ensure they farm to our high welfare standards. You are also indirectly supporting the charitable work of the SPCA.

For more information about the SPCA Blue Tick® please visit our website.