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Baking at school

If you think that you could make tasty treats for your friends and teachers, and would like to give some money to animals in need, then SPCA Cupcake Day is the perfect event for you.

See below for some ideas of how your school can get involved in SPCA Cupcake Day:

What do I have to do?

It's really easy to take part in SPCA Cupcake Day at your school, but make sure you get permission from a teacher first.

Cook with your class:

Ask your teacher to run an event with your class. Some schools run inter-class competitions to see who can bake the best cupcakes and raise the most money. Ask your parents, friends and family to donate to your event to make sure your class wins.

Run a cake stall:

Challenge everyone to bake 6 cupcakes at home and bring them to school on SPCA Cupcake Day. Set up a whole-school cake stall and sell cupcakes to parents, teachers and other students. These cupcakes can be displayed and judged by the teachers and sold at morning tea or lunch time. You may even want to organise a roster, so you can make sure all classes can see the yummy cupcakes! This is a great way for classes and year groups to work together.
Do it yourself:

There are lots of other ways to fundraise on SPCA Cupcake Day! You could have a cupcake-themed mufti or disco, or ask local community groups and businesses if they will sponsor you to bake cupcakes for them! If you have any fun and interesting ideas, make sure you give your local SPCA a call, we would love to hear about what you have planned.

Invite the community:

Advertise your Cupcake Day around your local community, inviting neighbours, family and friends to come along and buy a cupcake. Your teachers might even like to organise a trip to a local retirement home to deliver some delicious cupcakes to the residents.