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Happy adoptions from Waikato SPCA 


Dodge and Mustang arrived at Waikato SPCA earlier this year as young kittens, where they were nicknamed the 'two amigos'.

They immediately became troublesome little rascals - jumping, sprinting, and bounding around constantly. But that only made SPCA staff love them even more.

Dodge loved his toys, and his brother Mustang just as much. Too much that sometimes they would play fight a little too hard, so it became clear to the team at the SPCA that they needed a very active household. 

Mustang was very energetic, but was also a huge softie at heart, and with a large purr to match! His favourite toy was his mouse with a dangly tail, and he would not give up until he had caught it from your hands.

When these two finally had enough of playing, they would perch up high on their throne and clean eachother for hours. They were bestfriends, we needed to find a family who would take them both.

We watched them grow up to become not-so-small kittens anymore, yet they still hadn't found their forever family. It was such an exciting day when they were finally whisked off their feet and taken to an extremely loving home.

Their new family had just lost their elderly cat, so they were looking to repair the hole in their hearts that she had left behind. Dodge and Mustang were perfect.

These two brothers settled in perfectly, described by their 12-year-old sister as 'so hyper and cute'. Their family says they sleep together, clean eachother and they are so happy to have both of them in their lives. 


Just like Dodge and Mustang, the story of Fern is also a very happy one. Her story starts when she was dumped in a cage outside Waikato SPCA.

Fern was a very shy, two-year-old girl, who loved nothing more than to snooze on her sheep skin blanket on her favourite chair. If you gave her cheek scratches, or back rubs, she would dribble and make chirpy noises from happiness. 

With Fern, you needed to earn her trust first. But once you did she would jump off her chair, and walk up to you for leg rubs and attention.

A few days before her new family adopted her, Fern was in a particularly good mood. It was almost like she knew she was about to get the life she deserved, with a family who will love her unconditionally.

When her new family saw her photo on Facebook, they immediately fell in love with her. "We are smitten!" they say, explaining that while she is still very shy, she gives them lots of snuggles when the baby is asleep. 

Fern is a very happy girl, she is completely at home in her new family's backyard, and loves to snooze in the grass all day. 

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