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Keeping your dog out of your car during warm weather


While it is still warm, it is incredibly important NOT to leave your dog in your car.

Avoiding the risk of giving your canine heat stress can be as simple as preparation and awareness.

At the height of summer, make sure you're planning trips so you're not going to be in a situation where your dog has to stay in the hot car while you're running an errand.

It can take only 6 minutes for a dog to die in a hot car so don't risk it! Pets can dangerously overheat even when the windows are down or the car is in the shade.

The car can heat up to dangerously high temperatures very quickly, rapidly reaching more than double the outside temperature even on mild days. Please NEVER leave your dog in the car and risk him/her overheating and dying.

If you find a dog in distress from a hot car they should be taken to a vet straight away! Emergency treatment while you are getting to the vet should aim to bring the dog's body temperature down at a steady but not rapid rate. You can spray cool water onto the dog’s body and direct moving air from a fan onto them. Please do not se ice or ice-cold water, as this can cool the dog too rapidly and cause more problems.

The early symptoms of heat stress include panting, drooling and restlessness. As the situation worsens the animal becomes weak and they may stagger and vomit and have diarrhoea or seizures.