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SPCA Learn-to-Read Storybooks become accessible to blind students


ALL 6 BOOKS 1Last year every single Primary and Intermediate School across New Zealand was sent copies of the SPCA Learn-to-Read Storybooks with the aim of helping Kiwi kids to both improve their reading skills and learn to care for and respect animals.

Now the storybooks are going to be accessible for kids who have a vision impairment, thanks to the team at the Blind Foundation.

The Blind Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that supports people who are blind, deaf-blind or vision impaired.

They will be transcribing the six storybooks into accessible formats so that they can be enjoyed by all New Zealand children. These formats include braille, large print, audio and accessible electronic text.

The six books in the series cater to different ages and reading levels. Each story is based on a real-life animal rescue from the SPCA, and contains messages about animal care, animal welfare, and tips for families on how to be responsible pet owners.

“Research tells us that the best way to achieve behavioural change is by reaching out to children between 7 and 12 years old. By educating the next generation of animal owners, we can help ensure a better future for all animals,” says SPCA New Zealand CEO Andrea Midgen.

The SPCA Learn-to-Read Storybooks are skilfully written to enable teachers to integrate them straight into their classroom literacy programmes. The intention of each story is to teach core animal welfare messages, while also supporting the development of children’s reading skills and strategies. If you haven’t seen our storybooks before, we have six SPCA learn-to-read storybooks, which were launched in October 2016.

Each of the 6 books is based on a real-life animal from the SPCA and has messages of animal welfare and tips on how kids can care for their own animals at home.

We truly believe that by teaching our children about how to treat animals, we're helping to stop the cycle of cruelty in our communities.

The Learn-to-Read Storybooks that The Blind Foundation will use are:

The Smooth Movers’ Club
A boy and his father want their move to the city to go smoothly for their cat Noah. It does, until Muscles, the fearsome neighbourhood tomcat, turns up.

Sam and Charlie Love Pudding
When the abandoned cat who lives under the sports shed at their school gets into trouble, Sam and Charlie have to act.

The Problem with Sione’s Spaghetti
Sione’s pet rabbit has a problem. Sione’s solution involves a pack of raging rhinos, but will it work?

Storm Gets A New family
Storm used to spend his days chained to kennel till his life was changed by a bolt of lightning and a girl with friendly eyes.

Pumpkin Pie and Pavlova
Mrs Melling likes pumpkin pie and pavlova much more than she likes Mr Watkins or his hens. Will Mr Watkins find a way to change that?

The Mouse at the Mall
A girl and her mother go to the mall to buy shoes. They leave with a shoebox with a toilet roll and a mouse inside. What will happen next?

The SPCA Learn-to-Read Storybooks are available for purchase by schools and our supporters. Visit our online shop here.