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The story of Madison the blind puppy


maddison blind pup 10Sarah, an SPCA canine team member wrote a letter about Madison, a small 3 week old puppy who was found in desperate need of our help. Here is her story:

When SPCA Inspector Andre told me he had just rescued nine squirming, wriggling, 3-week-old puppies, my heart broke.  They were too young to be without their mum, but their owner was selling them on a Facebook page

It doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened to these puppies if they'd been carelessly given away. 

All nine puppies were beautiful, but there was something special about little Madison. Even though she was only three weeks old, her bright and lively personality shone through, and I looked forward to seeing her little face each morning. 

It was tough. We spent hours syringe-feeding the puppies. Some days I would just sit on the floor with Madison wrapped up in blankets trying to keep her warm.

Many people don't realise just how vulnerable young animals like Madison are. It can be touch and go, and sometimes I'm not sure if they'll survive.

I spent so many nights worrying about Madison and her brothers and sisters.

Then one day, our vet noticed that Madison walked into her water bowl. After a few more tests, he announced that she was completely blind.

I was shocked. Madison was the most confident and adventurous puppy of the litter.

So I spent hours and hours researching how to raise blind dogs, determined to give this remarkable girl the best life possible.

Madison showed me her incredible resilience. If I put a new water bowl in her playpen, she would touch it all the way around with the tip of her nose to get a sense of the size of it.

The two of us even went on TV together. We showed everyone watching The Cafe just how special she is.

It was unbelievable watching these bundles of joy beat the odds, and grow up to become such loveable dogs. When Madison found her forever home, I cried big, happy tears because I just knew they were the ones we'd been waiting for.

But Madison is just one of the thousands of animals that need the SPCA's help. Some need life-saving surgery and months of rehabilitation, and others may just need vaccinations and a check-up.

People like you mean that other animals like Madison can also have the second chance they are waiting for. Will you help us by making a donation today?

SPCA Canine Team Member

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