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Have your say on Guy Fawkes



The SPCA and NZ Companion Animal Council would like to know about your animal's experiences with fireworks in order to better understand the impact that they may have.

We have created a short anonymous survey that should take no longer than five minutes of your time.

Please help in this important research by taking the time to fill in the survey online here:

The survey will be available from today until the 30th of November. Please share with your friends and family and encourage them to help too!

SPCA’s Top Tips for Animals and Guy Fawkes:

• Never let fireworks off close to animals.
• Think about staying home to reassure and comfort your pets; they will be much less stressed with someone they trust close by. Alternatively, find a reliable person who will stay with your pets and look after them.
• Exterior doors and windows should be secured to prevent your pets escaping and running away. Interior doors and curtains/blinds should be closed as this will help muffle the sound of fireworks and prevent your pets being startled by the lights.
• It is a good idea to switch on the radio, television or stereo to distract your pets from the sound of fireworks.
• Take special care of an elderly or nervous animal - speak to your veterinarian before Guy Fawkes about whether calming medication would be suitable.
• Make sure your pet is either microchipped, or has a collar on with up to date contact details in case they are panicked by the fireworks and escape. This will help rescuers reunite you.
• If you have small pets that live outdoors, don’t forget to partly cover cages/pens and aviaries with blankets for sound proofing.
• Move horses and farm animals away from fireworks and make sure all fences are secure. Stable horses where possible.