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Violent attack on a puppy leads to amputation of leg

SPCA Canterbury Christoper Cross June 2016 Buddy smallerA Christchurch man who went on a violent rampage resulting in the beating and eventual amputation of a puppy’s leg was convicted of willful ill-treatment of an animal today and sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for his actions.

Christopher Cross, 26, plead guilty to all charges and was charged with 10 months imprisonment and disqualified from owning animals for a period of five years/

Chief Executive Officer for the Canterbury SPCA, Barry Helem, welcomed the sentence. “This was a senseless act of violence that undoubtedly caused untold pain and distress to the puppy involved.”

On the morning of 12 May 2015 the Christchurch City Council received a call from a member of the public who reported hearing a man, at a property in Woolston, yelling and swearing followed by loud “cracking blows” and a dog yelping.

The Christchurch City Council phoned the Canterbury SPCA and two Inspectors were dispatched immediately to look into the situation.

Upon their arrival Mr Cross first told the Inspectors that he was in the shower when he heard his puppy yelping. He claimed he then went outside to investigate and found him covered in dirt and injured.

The puppy, a black 5 month old Labrador cross named ‘Buddy’, was extremely fearful when approached by the Inspectors. “The puppy was wet, covered in mud and in obvious distress,” said Jamie Hancock, SPCA Inspector. “His hip looked injured and he could not put any weight on his left hind leg.”

The SPCA Inspectors immediately took the puppy into their care and sought urgent veterinary care. An examination and x-trays revealed considerable bruising, several fractures to his left hind leg and lung contusions.

The veterinarian concluded that the puppy’s injuries were consistent with multiple impacts involving significant force and that he would have suffered considerable pain and distress.

The puppy’s hind leg was amputated and following his recovery he was later rehomed by the SPCA.