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A new life for Sophie

Tuesday, 30 August, 2016

SophieFive-year-old Sophie arrived at the SPCA last year after she was rescued by an Inspector from a situation of neglect. She had been confined to living in a small space and needed love, care and medical treatment.

But even though she was finally in a safe place with caring people, Sophie was still frightened. At the SPCA she spent most of her time cowering in the corner of her cage, hiding behind a towel.

We think Sophie hadn’t had much experience with people before she arrived at the SPCA and being around the hospital team was overwhelming for her.

Animals like Sophie come to us at the SPCA because the very people supposed to be looking after them have let them down. But we’ll work with them, and slowly show them that the world can be a happy and safe place.

Sophie needed to build some confidence, and learn how to live in a home where she would be treated as part of the family. So Sophie went out to foster care with one of our amazing volunteer foster families – the same Inspector who rescued her!

At her foster home Sophie had her own room, and it took a while to adjust to having space to move around – something she had never experienced before. She spent most of her time hiding, and was too frightened to let anyone touch her.

But then Sophie’s foster mum had a brainwave and introduced her to their chilled out, gentle male cat. His company gave her confidence and reassurance and soon Sophie was welcoming pats and brushing.

A long nine months after she was rescued, Sophie was finally ready to find a forever home. We reached out to our supporters asking if any of them would consider opening their home and heart to this very special cat. That’s where her new mum spotted her and fell in love with Sophie. She says that she just knew Sophie was the one for her.

SPCA staff and volunteers were thrilled when Sophie was officially adopted by her new family. There’s truly nothing better than seeing an animal learn to trust and love people again, and finally find the family they deserve.