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Abandoned by his family and left alone in a park

Friday, 26 August, 2016

FranklinOn a cold winter night earlier this year, little Franklin was abandoned by his family and cruelly dumped in a park in a cardboard box. Just four weeks old, Franklin weighed only 800 grams and was so tiny he could fit in the palm of your hand.

Franklin had no food, no water and nothing but the empty cardboard box to keep him warm. He was all alone, abandoned by the very people supposed to be looking after him and keeping him safe.

Fortunately, a kind lady heard Franklin’s desperate little cries and brought him to the SPCA, knowing it was the safest place for him. Here at SPCA Auckland, Franklin was taken to our specialist unit for puppies and was cared for by one of our kindhearted Canine Attendants, Sarah.

Franklin was very lucky to be in good health, says Sarah: “It doesn’t bear thinking about, but for a puppy of his age, a winter’s night could quickly turn fatal. Without anyone looking out for him Franklin could have wandered and been hit by a car, picked up a disease or developed hypothermia from the cold.”

“It’s hard to imagine someone being so heartless and dumping an innocent puppy without a care. Little Franklin was so vulnerable. He had no food, no warmth and no way to survive on his own.”

Thankfully our staff and volunteers were able to give Franklin round-the-clock care and with vet treatment and lots of love, he grew strong and healthy.

“I’ll never forget when Franklin arrived at the SPCA. Everyone fell in love with him instantly. He was adorable, with a cheeky personality and a bark of a dog at least twice his size. He loved to be picked up for a cuddle and smother your face with kisses,” says Sarah.

It is so heart-breaking when we see innocent and vulnerable animals abandoned and let down by people. But the good news is thanks to SPCA supporters like you, they can get a second chance at life.

After caring for Franklin for two months in the specialist puppy unit, Sarah was thrilled when he was adopted by the parents of one of our vet nurses, Kerry. Now named Waffle, he has settled in well with his new family and often comes back to visit. After his rough start in life, Waffle has learnt he can trust people and he’ll never be let down by them again.

This year, thousands more abandoned, injured or neglected animals like Franklin will need your help. Will you help save their lives by donating to the SPCA today?