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SPCA NZ welcomes new President to its Board

Thursday, 17 May, 2016

SPCA New Zealand is welcoming Gordon Trainer as its new Board President after he was elected at the annual SPCA conference on 14 May.

“I would like to offer Gordon my congratulations on behalf of SPCA NZ and welcome him as President,” says Ric Odom, CEO of SPCA New Zealand. “I would also like to thank Clive Poles Smith for his dedication as President over the past two years.”

Mr Poles Smith will remain on the Board and has accepted the role of Vice-President.

Originally from Scotland, Mr Trainer was Treasurer of SPCA Auckland from 2003 to 2009 and then Chairman of the SPCA Auckland Board from 2009 to now. He is an experienced finance executive, Chartered Accountant, and former Ernst & Young partner who currently runs his own business consulting firm. His family includes three cats that were adopted as kittens from SPCA Auckland.

Mr Trainer is honoured to be elected President of the SPCA at what he says is an important time in the organisation’s history.

“At the end of the day, moving forward as one organisation is not about assets or postcodes, it’s about the SPCA delivering the best possible service for animals. I believe this is an important time for the SPCA movement to define and decide on what type of animal movement it wants to be and how it wants to advocate, enforce, and provide animal care services in New Zealand,” says Mr Trainer.

“I am privileged to serve the organisation at this important time. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my fellow Board members to thank Clive for his dedication and hard work for the SPCA and animals of New Zealand. I look forward to working closely with Clive in his role as Vice-President.”

SPCA NZ centres throughout the country recently voted to explore a proposal that would see the organisation unite as one legal entity for the benefit of the country’s animals, according to Mr Odom.

“The SPCA is looking at how it can best operate now and into the future to improve the welfare of animals in New Zealand while becoming a more effective and efficient organisation. The proposal that we feel is best for the organisation and for the animals is for the SPCA to operate as one entity.”

Mr Odom believes this proposal will create a more unified SPCA that will provide a stronger voice for the animals, be able to do more to prevent animal cruelty, and ensure the best level of care for the animals in shelters across New Zealand.

“People trust us to do the best for animals and deliver a better world for animals. We need to continue to do so and ensure we are the lead organisation for animal advocacy, welfare, and care. The staff and volunteers at our centres do an amazing job in their communities, and we will work closely with them over the coming months to further develop this proposal,” says Mr Odom.

The new SPCA NZ Board is:

Gordon Trainer (President)

Clive Poles Smith (Vice-President)

David Broderick

Sean Cooney

Sara Elliott-Warren

Marie Hall

Bobbie O’Fee

Emanuel Kalafatelis

Francine Shields