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Remember the animals on Guy Fawkes

Friday, 1 November, 2013

The SPCA is urging everyone to remember the animals during Guy Fawkes activities this year.

According to SPCA New Zealand CEO Ric Odom, “the loud noises and bright flashes are unfamiliar to animals and many will become highly stressed by them.”

“We would like to think that most pet owners are responsible and will keep their pets inside and safe at this time, but those without pets of their own – or who live close to where animals are being kept - also need to be aware of the stress their use of fireworks is likely to be causing in their neighbourhood.”

Here are 5 tips to help keep your pets safe and calm on Guy Fawkes night:

  1. Stay home with your pet – they will be less stressed with someone they trust close by.
  2. Keep them indoors – where they won’t see the flashes and the bangs will be muffled. Close doors and windows and draw the curtains. Turn up the volume on your radio or TV to help drown out loud bangs.
  3. Put a collar and registration tag on your dog – if your dog panics and bolts, it will help rescuers reunite you. Attach a disc with your contact phone number.
  4. Take special care of elderly or nervous pets – consult your vet for the best advice on keeping them calm, including sedation if necessary.
  5. Move horses and farm animals away from fireworks – and make sure all fences are secure. Stable horses where possible.

The SPCA does not support the private sale and use of fireworks and has long called for a ban on the sale of fireworks to the public.