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SPCA National President Bob Kerridge steps down

Friday, 28 June, 2013

Bob Kerridge has decided it is time to step down from his role as National President of SPCA New Zealand to concentrate solely on his other position as Executive Director of SPCA Auckland.

Mr Kerridge says he accepted the leadership of SPCA New Zealand with a clear mandate to build a stronger regional structure to support the Centres within the organisation, to set national standards of "Best Practice" around animal care, and to establish effective governance through a revitalised National Support Office to deliver the expertise required by the charity.

"My job is done, my mandate completed, and accordingly I am stepping down from the role of National President," says Mr Kerridge. "I'm confident that the organisation now has a long-term strategic plan in place that will maintain and enhance the legacy I have created."

The move enables Mr Kerridge to refocus his attention on SPCA Auckland where for 26 years he was the CEO and now holds the title of Executive Director.

"My heart truly resides with the animals so I am looking forward to giving my undivided attention to caring for Auckland's many thousands of abused, neglected, and abandoned animals because at the end of the day that is what the SPCA is all about."