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SPCA condemns decision to torture

Monday, 29 November, 2010

The SPCA condemns all animal cruelty and does not support the agreement to allow a small section of the community to slaughter animals without pre-stunning.

The negotiated truce between the MAF and the Jewish community means at least 5,000 chickens – perhaps more – suffer during slaughter every year in the name of religious practice. Instead of being rendered instantaneously unconscious animals bleed to death, feel pain and struggle for some minutes.

The minister has acknowledged their deaths will be cruel and the SPCA is distressed by his turn on this issue.

Because the practice is now legal, no action can be taken against the people who practice this ancient ritual slaughter. The SPCA, however, will continue to lobby hard to reinstate the most humane conditions.

People concerned about this decision should contact David Carter, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, at to voice their opposition. There is no justifiable reason that animals should suffer to provide us with food.