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Achievements celebrated and inspiration shared at SPCA Annual Conference

Friday, 13 May, 2011

National Chief Executive Robyn Kippenberger, Saving Lives Ambassador Sara Elliott-Warren and President Bob Kerridge at the SPCA’s 78th Annual ConferenceSPCA New Zealand's 78th Annual Conference was an inspiring event which saw SPCA centres celebrated for their achievements with the SPCA Saving Lives philosophy, and powerful messages shared by speakers Annah Stretton and Tom Agee.

The achievements of twelve of the forty eight SPCA centres were celebrated by the attendees. Awards were presented and each centre was given the opportunity to share their success stories, highlighting that Saving Lives is very much possible, and giving all attendees practical ways to make Saving Lives work in their SPCA centres.

Annah Stretton shared the inspirational story of her success. Her determination and motivation to achieve brought home the message that the only thing holding one back from success is oneself – a message fully appreciated by SPCA New Zealand, with its goal of becoming the first nation in the world to achieve a 0% euthanasia rate for centre animals.

"Don't doubt your ability to make huge successes," advises Ms Stretton. "Don't be happy with mediocrity, and remember that there is nothing wrong with failure, it teaches you lessons. Don't let people tell you what you can't do – everyone has an opinion, but it doesn't matter as long as everything you do has great integrity."

Tom Agee highlighted the power of the SPCA brand and encouraged attendees to engage with their communities to build support from the ground up. Mr Agee also stressed the importance of managing communication, to help preserve the strong positive public perception of the SPCA brand.

SPCA New Zealand would like to thank the many generous sponsors who supported the conference, and all speakers for sharing their inspiring messages with those working at the forefront of animal welfare.



Twelve SPCA Centres were presented with awards for their work in the ten Saving Lives steps.


1. SPCA Waihi

For commitment to making as many animals as possible available for adoption.


2. SPCA Whangarei

For providing a public education service to encourage pet owners to continue caring for their animals.


3. SPCA Rotorua

For commitment to rehabilitating behavioural problems and treating medical problems.


4. SPCA Manawatu

For commitment to desexing and microchipping as many animals as possible.


5. SPCA Wellington

For commitment to maximising the number of animals adopted.


6. SPCA Gisborne

For working together with key groups (i.e. Animates) to rehome animals and reduce strain on the Centre.


7. SPCA Nelson

For increasing their pool of foster carers and volunteers and utilising them wherever possible.


8. SPCA Auckland

For the work of their Cat Coalition Group in caring for cat colonies within the Auckland region.


9. SPCA Taupo

For engaging with and harnessing the support of the community to help rehome animals.


10. SPCA Central Hawkes Bay, SPCA Te Kuiti and SPCA Bay of Islands

For commitment to the 'Can Do!' attitude behind the Saving Lives philosophy and doing everything in their power to help save lives.