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SPCA: Saving Lives, one animal at a time

Tuesday, 3 May, 2011

SPCA New Zealand will be holding its 78th Annual Conference at Te Papa, Wellington this weekend, Saturday 7 May.

The theme for this year's conference is 'The Power of One', an inspirational take on the difference that even one person can make to the lives of many, and reinforcing that every life is precious. The message will resonate with SPCA attendees who face the challenge of caring for and re-homing more than 60,000 animals every year.

The conference will be a celebration of the successes of the SPCA's Saving Lives programme, launched at the 2010 conference. Saving Lives embraces the philosophy that 'every life is precious', and looks at every way in which the SPCA can honour this philosophy and preserve each life. Saving Lives is structured around ten simple steps that SPCA’s can incorporate into their operations, which together provide a formula for decreasing euthanasia rates and increasing the numbers of lives saved.

A large component of the day will focus on the ways in which SPCA centres from around the country have approached Saving Lives, with success stories being shared by twelve SPCA centres who have each fully embraced one of the ten steps.

Distinguished guest speakers Annah Stretton and Tom Agee will both be speaking around the topic of 'The Power of One', with Ms Stretton sharing her inspirational story of success and highlighting that dreams can be achieved.

"Annah has an innate love of animals," says Ms Stretton's executive assistant, Janine Boon. "This has seen her become very involved in many of the organisations that champion animal welfare, and the SPCA is one of these.

"The success that Annah has enjoyed in business over the last 18 years has given her a potpourri of skills and knowledge and she believes that it is very important to pass this on," adds Ms Boon.

Mr Agee will draw on his marketing background to suggest techniques to enable SPCA to share its vision with the rest of New Zealand, and in doing so, highlight its position as the leading animal welfare charity in New Zealand, with the power to save the lives of many thousands of animals.

The conference is only possible as a result of the strong support that SPCA New Zealand receives from its generous sponsors, and the passionate commitment of everyone within the organisation working to create a country where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends.

SPCA New Zealand's 78th Annual Conference is sponsored by:

Hill's Pet Nutrition
Simpson Grierson
Gen-i & Total Network Group
New Zealand Companion Animal Register
Empathy Education & Training
O3 Creative
Wyatt & Wilson Print
JPS Promotional Marketing