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What is Saving Lives?


The Royal New Zealand SPCA's Saving Lives programme embraces the philosophy that 'every life is precious', and looks at every way in which we can honour that philosophy and preserve life.

Saving Lives is based on 10 simple steps:

  1. Our Animals - Every Life is Precious

    Embracing the philosophy that all life is precious and worth preserving, and selecting and preparing animals for adoption.

  2. Pet Retention

    Educating and assisting 'owners' to better understand and care for their animals, so that fewer are surrendered.

  3. Rehabilitation

    Positive ways to solve medical and behavioural problems in animals, so that more are fit to be rehomed.

  4. Desexing (and Identification)

    Stopping unwanted lives before they are born, and encouraging the microchipping of companion animals to ensure that they are safely returned to their guardians in the event of loss and/or injury.

  5. Maximising Adoptions

    Doing everything we can to rehome animals, and celebrating every life saved.

  6. Rescue Groups

    Working cooperatively with the many animal rescue groups that are performing good work around the country, to increase the number of animals rehomed.

  7. Foster Homes and Other Volunteers

    Extending our network of helpers to save more lives.

  8. Saving the Strays

    Developing an effective programme for saving abandoned, stray and colony cats.

  9. Community Involvement

    Embracing the community around us in support - getting people involved and excited about our work.

  10. Can Do!

    Putting our heart and soul into saving lives.