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Hot Trend for 2011 - Humane Foods

img_5475We are lucky here in New Zealand, in that our lamb and cows enjoy open pastures and natural diets, and when it comes to pork and eggs, the SPCA Blue Tick makes it easy for you to see at a glance which of the many brands available at your supermarket are the most humanely farmed in New Zealand.

Eating humanely has become a hot topic of late, and now it’s official – humanely farmed food is touted as one of the hot trends for this year, with at least one food and wine writer Stateside including it in his Top 10 list.

"From pastured poultry and cage-free eggs to family farmers tending their ‘humanely raised’ cattle, making sure an animal has as pleasant a life as possible before winding up on the dinner plate is emerging as the hot topic of ethical eating.

"'Humane' is one of those hot spots that may surpass organic foods," said Phil Lempert, a food trends expert known as the "Supermarket Guru." "People have discovered that organic doesn't necessarily mean that it's healthier or better. What we've discovered is people are being more conscious about where their food comes from and a new focus on humane."

Extract from The Hot Food Trends of 2011 by Chris Macias. View the rest of the article here.