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SPCA Wellington

SPCA Wellington has been dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals since 1884.

Education plays a key role in cruelty prevention. Our education programme strives to create awareness in our community to ensure that people take a caring attitude towards animals and people. Our goal is to give people the knowledge and resources necessary to care for their animals and prevent cruelty to them. We endeavor to build empathy in children and adults towards people and animals and aim to help people make responsible decisions.

We can arrange both shelter tours and educational talks for groups of all ages interested in learning more. Visits typically last about 45 minutes to an hour and can cover a diverse range of topics, including: the history of the SPCA, animal needs, animal welfare, pet overpopulation, building trust with people and animals, clicker training and more. In most cases, our visits fit into school curriculum. Special presentations can be designed for groups with more specific needs. Specially selected SPCA pets are often brought along to meet people and reinforce the work we do and the special nature of the lives we help.

Our education services include:

Animal Crew *NEW*

Educational and fun Animal Nights, School Holiday Programmes, Membership, Puppy Socilising and Birthday Parties


Kids can get involved through Animal Crew. We host events several times a month allowing kids to come along and learn more about various animal topics like animal careers, puppy socializing and training, caring for cats and more. To cover costs, there is a fee for these events.

If your child is really keen, they can further support us by becoming an Animal Crew member. Members receive four e-newsletters a year, a cool join up gift and discounts to Animal Crew events including the animal nights, puppy socialising and birthday parties.




We visit schools with children of all different ages.


Community Groups

We can visit Scouts, Guides, Rotary, Probus, Senior groups interested in learning more and supporting the work of the SPCA.


Youth at Risk

We can deliver special empathy building programmes are delivered to youth in our community designed to help these young people make responsible adult decisions. Our goal through these programmes are:

  • To prevent violence in a planned positive way
  • Develop and strengthen empathy
  • Provide young people with practical skills and increased knowledge of animal care
  • Empower young people by providing them with purposeful activity that is valued in the wider community

We have been working with Child Youth and Family, delivering a successful programme to the young people at one of their care and protection residences since February 2010.

We are a registered charity and do not receive any government funding nor are we eligible for Lottery grants. Because of this, we ask for a donation towards most of our education services.


For more information or to make a booking contact:

Jennifer Rizzi
Humane Educator, Wellington SPCA
Phone: (04) 389 8044 ext 827