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SPCA Waikato logo FINALWaikato SPCA is a charity that relies almost entirely on the generosity of animal lovers to carry out life-saving work for the animals in Waikato.

The incredible support from people like you has already enabled us to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome countless animals who desperately needed help.

By donating to Waikato SPCA, you will help us take action for animals in five key ways:

Prevent cruelty - Whenever an animal is found, surrendered or seized, you will be taking action.

Rescue - You will be standing beside our Inspectors, rescuing Waikato's animals in need.

Rehabilitate - You will be helping us to heal Waikato's lost and injured animals.

Shelter and Re-home - You will help provide a warm bed for the animals taking shelter at Waikato SPCA.

Seek Justice - You can help our Inspectorate team bring animal offenders to justice.

We are also committed to preventing cruelty to animals in our region through our education programme, advocacy work, and SPCA Inspectorate.


Lulu is just one example of an animal that you will help.

Earlier this year, Lulu was brought to us as a pregnant mama, but after she had her litter of kittens in the safety of our care, she became very unwell.

Because of our generous donors, Lulu was able to receive the vet care she needed to bounce back and eventually found a loving family that will cherish her for the rest of her life. Their favourite thing about her is her crazy walk as soon as she wakes up, leaving them all in laughter.

You too, could save an animal just like Lulu, and give them the home they so deserve.

Thank you for supporting Waikato SPCA. It truly means the world to us.

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