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When SPCA Inspector Kevin arrived at a house in Auckland, he couldn't believe what he saw.salina photoshoot small

Selena, a beautiful Samoyed, was locked up in a garage. She had spent most of her life confined in that concrete prison, deprived of food, exercise and stimulation. She was dangerously underweight and her muscles were wasting away.

Selena weighed just half of what a happy, healthy dog her age should have. She was 7 years old and was living without food, fresh air and sunlight. Selena never knew when her next meal would be.

No animal should ever be treated that way. Will you help the SPCA seek justice for animals like Selena?

When Selena arrived at the SPCA, her years of neglect and mistreatment were over. Our team gave her the life she'd never had: regular meals, the chance to run around and her own toys.

It costs the SPCA $9 million each year to run the Inspectorate the rescues abused and neglected animals like Selena.

We simply can't meet that cost without the help of animal lovers like you.

The SPCA is in the process of taking action against Selena's previous owner. We believe those who deliberately hurt animals need to be held accountable for their actions. But we need your generous support to continue to rescue and seek justice for animals like Selena. 

Please give for justice. Abused and neglected animals depend on you. 

Today, Selena is living with a new family and slowly learning to live as a normal dog. The first time Selena went to the beach she didn't know what water was. Now she races through the crashing waves.

It's amazing how far she has come - and it was all made possible thanks to the support of animal lovers like you.

Will you please make a donation today so SPCA Inspectors can continue to rescue and seek justice for animals like Selena?

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