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At six weeks old, Stevie and Louie were just babies. These beautiful ginger kittens should have still been with their mum.

Instead, their owner taped them inside a cardboard box and left them for dead.

At the SPCA we can see a lot of heartbreak. But we'll never understand how someone could do this.

Stevie and Louie weighed just 300g. They were so tiny they could fit in the palm of your hand. Our team was so worried about them.

We do our best for every animal that comes in, but often people don’t realise how quickly things can go downhill, especially when they are as young and vulnerable as Stevie and Louie.

But the sad reality is that Summer is a time when we see hundreds - sometimes thousands - of unwell, unwanted and unloved kittens like Steve and Louie.

This Summer, will you give a gift to those animals who don't have a loving family to care for them?

If Stevie and Louie hadn’t been found, they wouldn’t have lived much longer.

To watch them grow stronger against all the odds was incredible. For every animal that doesn’t make it there are animals like Stevie and Louie that do, and remembering that on the toughest days keeps our team going.

At this time of year, we will meet lots of scared and sick kittens who have been dumped or are homeless. Like Stevie and Louie, many are underweight, dehydrated or sick with cat flu. So we're asking you to please give a very special gift to help nurse kittens back to health.

As a special way of saying thank you, when you make a generous donation today, you can help choose a name for one of our kittens! Just pop your suggestion on the donation form and we'll share it with the team.

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