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Leave a Gift in Your Will


A gift in your will to the SPCA is a very special last act of kindness. By leaving a gift in your will, you can ensure that the love you have for animals can continue for countless generations to come. You'll be helping to ensure that in the future, thousands of animals get the love they all need and deserve.

Why leave a gift to SPCA New Zealand?

SPCA New Zealand receives only a small amount of government funding to help us in our animal welfare work. Instead, we rely almost entirely on the generosity of animal lovers to support animals through the precious gift they leave in their will.

Bequests are one of our largest sources of funding and our on-going lifeblood providing income for many years ahead.

Leaving a gift to the animals is a fitting way to celebrate the love and companionship you have enjoyed during your own lifetime. Your gift can help ensure that the SPCA will always be here to help New Zealand's animals through our essential work.

The different ways you can make a bequest

There are a variety of ways to leave a gift in your will to SPCA New Zealand depending on what suits you best:

  • Residuary: what is left over (the residue) in your estate after all expenses, debts, and other specific bequests have been settled.
  • Pecuniary: a specified sum of money in a will.
  • Specified bequest: where a particular item is specified in a will, for example, works of art, or stocks and shares, or even property.

To ensure the wording in your will accurately describes your intentions, the following clauses should be included:

I give (a specified share of the residue/or the sum of/or a specified bequest) to The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated (RNZSPCA) for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the appointed officer of the Society shall be full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.

I further declare that at the date of my death or the date of distribution of my estate, any charity named in my will does not exist or has amalgamated with another charity or has changed its name, such legacy or residuary gift shall not fail but my trustees shall pay it to the charitable organisation which they consider most nearly fulfills the objects I intended to benefit.

Ask us more about making a 
gift in your will to SPCA New Zealand

Leaving a gift in your will is a big decision and we appreciate you'll want to take your time to think it through first and share your thoughts with your family.

Everyone is different, and so are their circumstances, so it's important that the gift you leave is right for you. If you would like to discuss your options further or if you wish to consider making a bequest during your lifetime, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone: (09) 827 6094