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The Royal New Zealand SPCA has been in existence for 129 years and is the only charitable animal welfare organisation in New Zealand legally entitled to enforce the Animal Welfare Act 1999 through its MPI-appointed inspectors.

This is a huge responsibility.

It is crucial that the Royal New Zealand SPCA investigate and prosecute cases of animal cruelty or neglect and equally important that we support our inspectors at SPCA Centres throughout the country to do the same, to send a very clear message that animal abuse will not go unchecked or unpunished in New Zealand.

The cost of prosecuting these cases and supporting our inspectors effectively is very high.  We rely heavily on donations from generous donors to enable us to continue to fulfil our inspectorate obligations and the ongoing mission of our organisation to provide the best world for our animals.

We ask you to give a donation to the Royal New Zealand SPCA to show that you will not tolerate cruelty towards animals, and to enable us to continue to investigate and prosecute those who cause suffering to animals.  Please see the Royal New Zealand SPCA v Dawson case for an example of what we are up against.

Donate to our Support our Inspectors Campaign


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