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Meet Your Local SPCA

Your local SPCA is always looking for new volunteers and helpers to assist with animal care or events that they may run at the Centre. Visit our SPCA Contacts page to find your SPCA's details and get involved!


SPCA Pet Products

Support the SPCA through our SPCA products range. A percentage from sales of these products go straight to help animals in need across New Zealand.

Currently available in the SPCA range:

  • Dry dog food
  • Dry cat food
  • Free range dog treats
  • Pet shampoos

Find out more about our products range here.

Become an SPCA Inspector


Join the dedicated team of SPCA staff and volunteers

Working with the SPCA, you'll face the heartache of seeing first-hand the cruelty inflicted on some animals. Equally, you'll experience the joy of witnessing their recovery to good health; you'll share in the satisfaction of knowing that families you've been in contact with are treating their animals better; and you'll feel a sense of achievement when individual cases are completed.

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