New Chief Executive Officer appointed

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New Chief Executive Officer appointed

The Board is very pleased to announce Ric Odom has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Royal New Zealand SPCA.

Ric joins us from the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) in Auckland where he is part of the museum’s leadership team. Ric was an officer in the New Zealand Army for 20 years where he held a number of command, training and staff appointments including a period as an instructor at the Papua New Guinea Defence Academy and period leading a multi-national team of military observers in Former Yugoslavia. He left the Army to join the management team at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, initially as Collection Services Manager and then as General Manager, Museum Resources.

Following his time at Te Papa, Ric was the National CEO of the YMCA in New Zealand – a position he held for almost nine years and during that time achieved significant success; transforming it from an insolvent organisation into a nationally significant profitable organisation owning several million dollars in assets, providing a range of programmes and services. Fundraising, volunteer engagement, national integration and liaison with Government were all part of his responsibility at YMCA. Ric has experience in the strategic and operational skills needed at a time when the SPCA in New Zealand looks to become an integrated organisation.

Apart from his work with the YMCA, Ric has a long involvement in community work. He has been a volunteer fire fighter and volunteer ambulance officer. He was the founding Chair of Ara Taiohi – the national youth umbrella organisation - and was on the Board of Social Development Partners. Ric is also involved in the international White Ribbon movement for men against violence towards women. He is a former Deputy Chair of the national White Ribbon Committee and is now a trustee of the recently established White Ribbon Trust. Ric is also a White Ribbon Ambassador.

Ric is married to Jenny and they have three adult children. Ric and Jenny share a love of motorcycle touring. They have had animals pretty much continuously since they married (more than 30 years) except for the two periods of overseas posting. They have always been SPCA animals – a conscious choice on their part. Sadly they lost their cat recently and are waiting until their house is built to find the next member of their family.

Ric will commence his new role on 30 September 2013. I look forward to introducing him to the Centre Managers and Inspectors at the October workshop. Please join me in welcoming him to our team.

Iain Torrance
Chair of Board, Royal New Zealand SPCA
3rd September 2013

SPCA National President Bob Kerridge steps down

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Bob Kerridge has decided it is time to step down from his role as National President of the Royal New Zealand SPCA to concentrate solely on his other position as Executive Director of SPCA Auckland.

Mr Kerridge says he accepted the leadership of the Royal New Zealand SPCA with a clear mandate to build a stronger regional structure to support the Centres within the organisation, to set national standards of "Best Practice" around animal care, and to establish effective governance through a revitalised National Support Office to deliver the expertise required by the charity.

"My job is done, my mandate completed, and accordingly I am stepping down from the role of National President,"says Mr Kerridge. "I'm confident that the organisation now has a long-term strategic plan in place that will maintain and enhance the legacy I have created."

The move enables Mr Kerridge to refocus his attention on Auckland SPCA where for 26 years he was the CEO and now holds the title of Executive Director.

"My heart truly resides with the animals so I am looking forward to giving my undivided attention to caring for Auckland's many thousands of abused, neglected, and abandoned animals because at the end of the day that is what the SPCA is all about."


Take action against animal testing today

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Contrary to recent misleading reports, the Royal NZ SPCA is and always will be 100% against animal testing. The decision by the select committee that ‘some tests on animals may be necessary but that alternatives would be sought’ was a majority consensus and not a unanimous decision. Bob Kerridge and the SPCA was and always have been 100% against animal testing.

Green Party MP Mojo Mather is submitting an amendment to the Psychoactive Substances Bill to Parliament aimed at stopping all animal testing for this purpose which is seen as possibly our last opportunity...


The Royal NZ SPCA does not condone animal testing

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Royal New Zealand SPCA National President Bob Kerridge remains opposed to animal testing despite the recommendation of the Psychoactive Substances Interim Expert Advisory Committee to allow severely restricted animal tests.


Tail Wagging Campaign

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All puppies are born with tails.  Tail docking should not be done for cosmetic reasons. Dogs need their tails to communicate and balance.  The New Zealand Veterinary Association, Companion Animal Society, Royal New Zealand SPCA and the New Zealand Companion Animal Council are 100% opposed to cosmetic docking of dogs' tails.


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