Why Join?

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Here are some of the advantages that you as a producer will enjoy by being Blue Tick certified.


The Brand


    -    Use of the SPCA Blue Tick branded logo
    -  Affiliation with the SPCA brand and guarantee to the public of high animal welfare standards
    -  The SPCA guarantee of no connection to inhumane production
    -  The SPCA Blue Tick branding generates a premium on sales price
    -  SPCA is the second most trusted charity brand in New Zealand

The Promotion

    - Participation at the New Zealand Food Shows (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch), giving you and your brand the opportunity to have direct contact with the public
    - Promotion via the website - Blue Tick has its own section and promotional page
    - Regular PR and marketing of the Blue Tick brand will mention your brand as an accredited product

The Membership

    -  Only one initial audit fee to pay. Ongoing regular audits are paid for by the scheme (if successful; a failed audit is a breach of contract and will be discussed if the situation arises)
    -  Access to advice from an independent farm auditor
- You will be part of a group of producers and distributors who are passionate about animal welfare and ethical farming

If you would like to know more, please contact us.




Auckland Food Show

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