How to Join

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To be able to display the SPCA Blue Tick logo on your products you must join the scheme and sign a legal contract with us. To do this you must adhere to our standards and pass an initial audit. Once you are approved, quarterly royalties are paid into the scheme, and this pays for the administration and promotion of the Blue Tick and ongoing annual audits. Spot audits can be conducted at anytime.


If you are interested in obtaining SPCA Blue Tick certification for your products, we would love to hear from you. You do not have to be an egg or pork producer - we are keen on expanding our Blue Tick range so would love to have a chat with you. Our focus is on animal welfare, and we are more than happy to work with you to get your new or existing farm up to standard.

Please contact us, here.


The Joining Process


      1. Please call us to discuss your enquiry.

      2. After our initial discussion, if you believe you can meet our SPCA Blue Tick Standards, please complete the Application for SPCA Audit form and we will invoice you, and then arrange the audit. Invoices must be paid 5 days prior to the audit or the audit will be cancelled.

        Download Application for SPCA Audit form.

      3. An independent auditor will then carry out an audit of your farm. There is a cost to you to do this – please call us for a quote which differs for each industry.

      4. Once your audit is passed and we have agreed to accept you into the scheme (this is at our discretion) we will proceed to the legal contract stage.

      5. Upon joining the scheme you will be given permission to use the SPCA Blue Tick logo on your accredited product (terms and conditions are included in the contract).

      6. Royalties are paid based on the following income of your product:

        - 1.5% on the first $1M in wholesale sales
        - 1.0% on $1M-$2M in wholesale sales
        - 0.5% on $2M+ wholesale sales

        Ongoing audits are paid by the scheme royalties, unless you fail an audit (including spot audits). The Royal New Zealand SPCA is a non-profit organisation and the royalties are used to run, promote and grow the Blue Tick scheme to help more farm animals.






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