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Help kittens this summer

This summer, unwanted and unloved kittens need your help.

Bella and her three tiny kittens were brought to the SPCA in a washing basket in the back of a van. They had been found in a lonely industrial area, with no one to care for them.

Mother cat Bella was sick, but still forced to scavenge for food. She had no warm, safe place to care for her three kittens Charlie, Holly and Gracie. Fortunately a kind member of the public found the family and caring SPCA vets gave them the medical treatment they desperately needed.

This summer, will you think of the unwanted animals with no one to love them? 

Please donate today to give a kitten love and care.

SPCA centres across New Zeakand get an influx of thousands of unwanted and unloved cats like Bella and her kittens during the summer months. This season is our busiest time, when our resources are stretched to the limit and we are overwhelmed with the number of animals that need our help.

Will you donate and help the SPCA save the helpless and vulnerable cats and kittens of summer?

Gifts from animal lovers like you are the only way we can continue to care for the sheer volume of animals like are unwanted, unloved and abandoned on the street.

Just a few dollars from you can give them the health, happiness and caring homes that all animals deserve.


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