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SPCA New Zealand and Crown Solicitor, Ben Vanderkolk, join forces

Thursday, 16 February, 2012

In a significant step to improve prosecution services in animal welfare throughout New Zealand, Crown Solicitors, Ben Vanderkolk & Associates (BVA) and SPCA New Zealand have signed a MoU to provide best advice and representation.

The relationship will bring credibility and consistency in animal welfare cases taken to Court. BVA has been the Crown firm and the only commercial and private litigation law firm in the Manawatu since 1997.

Through SPCA New Zealand, BVA will provide SPCAs with a combination of pro bono and paid assistance, a service including early response and support, front end assistance, guidance and advice, perusal of search warrant applications, assessment of evidential sufficiency and the drafting of informations for offences under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

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Animals lost: SPCA says 'ban fireworks'

Helen is overjoyed to have Snoopy back homeMonday, 9 January, 2012

In an ironic twist of fate, Snoopy, SPCA New Zealand staff member Helen Wium’s beloved dog, has been one of the latest victims of fireworks.

On the night of January 2nd, whilst staying with friends, honorary SPCA 'staff member' Snoopy was spooked by fireworks let off in suburban Pakuranga and ran off into the night.

Snoopy was microchipped and wore a collar with Council tags and contact details attached. She was listed on Pets on the Net, Facebook and Trade Me as missing and flyers were distributed around the neighbourhood. After 7 days missing, she was finally found today hiding under a house, skinny, frightened, with abraded paws and minus her collar.

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SPCA calls for ban on Guy Fawkes

Friday, 11 November, 2011

In light of death, injury and distress of animals again this Guy Fawkes, SPCA New Zealand is calling for Government to institute a complete ban on fireworks for personal use in line with Australian public policy.

The reduction of days of sale has failed to save the animals that are affected each year and SPCAs throughout New Zealand have seen an increase in pets straying. Flight due to fear of fireworks invariably results in harm to animals and distress to owners.

"We are asking for the celebration to be restricted to public fireworks displays," says Robyn Kippenberger, SPCA National Chief Executive.

"We also ask for mandatory consultation to occur for the sensible placement of public displays to ensure that horses and stock are not affected and for advance notice to residents adjacent to them."

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SPCA calls for vigilance on Guy Fawkes

Thursday, 3 November, 2011

With Guy Fawkes just around the corner, SPCA New Zealand is calling for revellers to be mindful of animals when taking part in the celebrations.

Many animals find the noise and bright lights produced by fireworks frightening and distressing. When alarmed by fireworks, the instinctive reaction for many is to flee. Unfortunately, horses have been known to become so terrified that they injure themselves badly on paddock fencing trying to escape, and dogs and cats have been known to run away from home. This can cause much distress to owners, particularly if their pets had not been wearing appropriate identification.

"I can’t stress enough the need to have companion animals identified,” says Bob Kerridge, SPCA National President.

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SPCA's annual List of Shame cites worst cruelty cases

Monday, 17 October, 2011

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men."

—Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Musician, Engineer and Scientist

The SPCA annual List of Shame highlights the plight of animals throughout New Zealand and the abuse that occurs all-too often to creatures unable to speak for or defend themselves. This year’s list features some of the worst cases of abhorrent neglect and mistreatment of animals. The established link between the abuse of animals and violence to humans makes the following incidents even more poignant and relevant.

“This year’s List once again highlights the inhumanity meted out on the innocent and defenceless. Despite the Animal Welfare Act being extremely clear about the duty of care of owning animals, this year, we have cases of extreme neglect and failure to provide veterinary treatment," says Robyn Kippenberger, National Chief Executive of SPCA New Zealand. "And once again there are cases of violence to animals being used to exert power and control over the families that love them. Most disturbingly there are also incidents of young men wantonly killing and injuring animals without apparent reason."

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